Bypass Module Lookup Guide

In a few simple steps, you can see which module is needed for your vehicle.

Simply select the starter brand you are installing, along with your vehicle's year, make, and model and the compatible bypass modules will be displayed with an easy link to purchase the product needed. The modules that will display are not only the correct module for your vehicle, they are also the most compatible product with the remote start brand you are looking to purchase making installation even easier. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance with our look up tool. Thank you for considering us for your entire remote car starter needs.

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Watch this video for more information on Bypass Modules:

Many of the newer vehicles on the road today may require a factory security integration module which is designed to allow the remote starter to work with the factory security in your vehicle by "bypassing the chip in your key". Beginning around 1996-98 some cars began coming with anti-theft systems which included a immobilizer chip within the key. This system prevented the car from starting unless the right key, with the correct chip in the ignition. In the last few years most (but not all) vehicles have these anti-theft systems. Obviously, when you install a remote start on these vehicles, the car isn't going to start unless you trick the car into thinking it "sees" the right key in the ignition with the right "electronic code" in its circuitry. This is done with devices called ignition immobilizer bypass module. These specialized module and their installation are required for the remote start to work in these vehicles. This is added to the cost of the remote start.